Val di Fassa - Immobiliare Alpina

The Val di Fassa(‘Val de Fascia’ in ladin) in north-east Trentino is one of the main Dolomite Valleys. The river Avisio, a left-hand tributary of the river Adige, runs right down this valley made up of seven municipalities (from south to north: Moena, Soraga, Vigo di Fassa, Pozza di Fassa, Mazzin, Campitello di Fassa and Canazei).

The valley is surrounded by some of the most important massifs in the dolomites, including the ‘Pale Mountains’, Marmolada, Sella, Sassolungo and Rosengarten groups, and other lithologically non-dolomitic formations including the Buffaure and Monzoni mountains. This is the only valley in Trentino (together with the Val Gardena and Val Badia in South Tyrol, and Livinallongo and part of the ampezzo in veneto) where ladin, or more exactly dolomitic ladin, is still spoken.

The Val di Fassa is connected with the other dolomite valleys by a number of mountain passes: the San Pellegrino pass links Moena with the Valle del Biois (Belluno area), the Costalunga pass links Vigo with the Val D’Ega (South Tyrol), while Canazei is connected with Livinallongo (Belluno area) via the Pordoi pass and with Val Gardena (Bolzano) via the Sella pass. Ladin cultural institute the institute is one of the cultural bodies devoted to the ladin community, a linguistic minority in the heart of the dolomites. For further information, visit:

Istitut Cultural Ladin

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